Why Users Trust TaintedGuavaMEDIA

TaintedGuavaMEDIA hosts an array of courses, tutoring bookings, blogs and interactive training modules.

Our clients use TaintedGuavaMEDIA for our immediate support and exceptional assistance which helps them grown their online businesses.

Our users trust us because they are confident that all content, material and trainers are qualified in their fields, and can gain valuable expertise and experience.

Real Content

TaintedGuavaMEDIA is not another “U-DemY” where we allow contributors to churn out courses just to make a quick buck, or to give users something to do on their lonely Sunday afternoon.

No unfair competition

Readers and users find courses and publications through the author’s social media platforms or marketing channels. Because we only pick the best teachers, tutors or contributors, there is nothing to compare!

Our Authors And Tutors

We allocate a great deal of time and resources to ensure that all our contributors, teachers, tutors or mentors have the correct qualification and expertise before they join TaintedGuavaMEDIA.


Payments for certain projects, events, tutoring courses or training guides are handled through reputable payment systems such as PayPal, Stripe or PayFast. We do not store any credit card details or your banking details!


We use 256-bit AES data encryption with all questions, data entries and user details. TaintdGuavaMEDIA respects the privacy and security of all our users and contributors, and maintain a strict protocol. To find out more on our Data Protection Policies, please read this page.



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