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Anthea Morphitis

Reset Your Mind-Set Training Program

Are you feeling STUCK, WORRIED OR FRUSTRATED in your Life or Business? Within you is the power to rise above any SITUATION or STRUGGLE and TRANSFORM into the brightest, strongest version of yourself. Creating that Happiness, Success, Health and Wealth You Dream about. Reset Your Mindset and claim back your power.

Ages 16+

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By Anthea Morphitis    


Claim Back Your Power And Create The Life You Deserve!


From the four times Author of “Feel Good”, “Reset Your Mindset”, “When You Dare To Dream” and “Ur Law”, this course has been carefully and specifically developed to unlock hidden secrets, talents and the potential that hide within you!


Tired of failure? Tired of trying to change? Tired of trying to find ways to improve life, love, relationships, health, wealth, work and happiness, but receiving the same negative results?

Good! This means you are the problem, and you can change that!

This course was created because of the number of misguided and confusing information out there, promising change, love, inner peace, success and wealth, yet delivering nothing, which not only confuses people but leaves them despondent. 

With this course you do not have any promises on success, what you will receive is hard-hitting truths on self-discovery, self-analysis, to uncover what makes you succeed in some places, yet fail in other areas.


You ARE the SOLUTION to the PROBLEMS you THINK you have!

Any problem you are experiencing in life, whether it’s bad love, no money, boring career or repeated loneliness, you are standing in your own way.

This course will guarantee to help you unleash your potential by showing you how to be absolutely clear about what you want out of life.

Do you truly know what your goals are? Have you really reached your full potential? Is the way you’re currently heading the path you want? Do you desire to change so that you can finally become a better version of yourself?

Discover what motivates you. What drives your desire?

Reset Your Mindset course will help you refocus on where you are in life, what you want to achieve and help you re-programme your thought process to achieve great heights.

What drives your fears and what fuels your doubts? 

Stop being scared. Your doubts, your fears and frustration mould your life to fail. This cycle can be stopped by making a decision. Discover the power of what one simple decision can make in your life.


Who are you, really?

Self-reflection sounds easy in your mind. Now write it down.

Not so easy is it?

Endless research proves that self-reflection by writing down your failures, weaknesses and faults help you to overcome what it is you already know is the problem.

This course encourages you to dig deep and let the years of bad experiences, loss and resentment to come out.

You will also learn to love your good qualities, admirable traits and discover how and why people are drawn to you.

It is guaranteed, that you will learn to love yourself once again.

You will gain clarity with what it is you are looking for in life and start THINKING, SPEAKING AND ACTING in the direction of your chosen path.

What you will discover from this course!

  • Harness the power you truly have over your life.
  • Get clear on what you want and who you want to become.
  • Re-program the way you have been thinking about yourself.
  • Strip the negative thoughts preventing you from being the person you want to become.
  • Take any fear you might have about success, and turn it into your strength.
  • Take any unworthiness you might feel about yourself, and turn it into a sense of self-worth.


Be the change you want to see in the world!

Although this course has been developed to help you discover a new life, it does not mean it’s going to be easy. There is a catch!


What will be required of you!

Be willing to invest your time in you over the next 5 days! Start this course with an open mind and commit to every exercise and question asked.

Truly spend time to reflect and respond to what you are feeling when doing the exercises. 

By joining this course, you will have lifetime access, and I encourage you to consistently revise, re-edit and reflect on each exercise from time to time to track your own progress.

There will be moments in this course where you may feel emotional or hard-hit; this is good because you will be reflecting on a deeper emotion like never before.

When completing this course, come back a few days later, be conscious of your change, and you will slowly see a change in the way you think, feel and how you see the world.

Just don’t give up!

I wish you all the best, and I want to hear your success story!

With Love, Anthea Morphitis.

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Absolutely true you are definitely a beautiful soul I don’t know you personally but I felt I learnt so much from you. Truly grateful!! Anthea Morphitis thank you so much I have learnt so much. And this weekend was a true testament that it works I took my mum and my daughter away to the beautiful Great Barrier Reef/ Airlie Beach Australia. we live only 2hrs away from it, but, for a girls weekend, and we had an absolutely fantastic time and everything was on me they did not have to pay for a thing and I felt so fantastic doing it .. thank you so much for changing my mindset set
Anthea is a very kind person to me and to others, she has softened many harden and seal up minds against financial accountability. The 5-days course has helped me and some of my friends and family that I copied and shared her course with. Thanks, Anthea for even regardless of race and the seriousness and commitment toward it, you have proved to many people whom you are by sharing with us what you think will be helpful to many of us. Words are not enough to explain the impact you have made to improve the financial status of entrepreneurs. Keep the good work, God be with you
United Kingdom
Having just done a course with Anthea and worked with her before, I can honestly say that not only is Anthea a great teacher she is also a very beautiful spirit. Anyone who takes her courses will see that I'm sure! A few years ago I read "The Secret" and I gained very little from it. I then read one of Anthea's books and started to understand the Law Of Attraction as explained by Anthea. I've never looked back! Doing this 5 Day Course I reframed my negative thoughts from Day 1---it was immediately uplifting! this stuff is so simple really but very profound.
United Kingdom
Anthea is such a positive genuine sole who really cares about the well-being of other people.

I did a five-day course with Anthea and it was so inspiring it has made me think about my past but more so my future which since completing the course has gone from strength to strength in every possible way.

I would just like to take this time to thank my amazing coach Anthea Morphitis. I would highly recommend doing a course with Anthea it could change your life too!

Having an Anthea in your life will clear your mind and let you progress to the next chapter or level in your life she is absolutely an amazing spirit
United States
Anthea has a beautiful energy that really can be felt in all she does. I found this course easy to use, the questions were great for moving through the process within and I felt a shift from taking this course!
Michael Muriuki
Morning my mentor from the depth of my heart meeting you on this platform I have learnt a lot more so on matters to show gratitude where it matters, all the time. To begin with, you've been consistent and time conscience all along. The course was enjoyable I would wake up and the first thing to do was to ask for the assignment since our timings are different from your place where you are. The charisma shown determination confidence instilled by you to me concerning the course was above board, indeed yes you made an impact a big one. on me as a teacher and I felt pampered with the character of my choice around me.
To recommending you to other people am honestly saying this that Already I have recommended you to two of my closest friends and they seem to be following this keenly on how we will go about it.
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