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Turning Your Skills into an Income

All you need to know about joining TaintedGuavaMEDIA as a contributor.

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Want to tutor, teach, mentor, coach or lecture?

Earn an income by using our platform for users to book you as a tutor, teacher or mentor. Our booking tools will help you to manage your time and monitor your transactions so you can continue to enjoy life.

Have a course you would like to sell or promote?

You can create amazing interactive courses, guides, programs or lessons to share or generate an income from.

Our interactive tools and applications will help you to unleash your creativity! Quick, easy, fun!

Host events, workshops, classes or webinars.

Simply create an event, workshop or webinar, and let our system manage your ticket sales, bookings and attendees. It doesn’t matter if your event is live or online, our tools will manage it for you, giving you time to manage your business.

Sell guides, text-books or manuals.

Have a tech-guide, expert advice or content you would like to earn from? Create incredible content with our tools which can also help you promote your material!

There is no limit on what you can do on TaintedGuavaMEDIA. Write a blog,  publish advice articles, share life experience or create “how-to-guides”.

There is no competition

TaintedGuavaMEDIA does not follow the trend of other course or tutoring service providers where you have to constantly compete with other similar contributors in your field.

This is why we do not show-case all courses, tutoring or similar services on one page. This would be unfair if we had several teachers teaching English as they would have to compete with one another.

Your clients remain your clients, which you can obtain through your own marketing channels. Other contributors do not have access to any client you have secured as we have very smart detection and tracking systems to prevent this from ever happening.

Generate a steady income

With our Affiliate Partner program you can create and manage your own Affiliate Partner Team to help you promote and sell your content, courses or events.


TGM flawlessly handles your ticket sales, FINANCE TRANSACTIONS, event management and user registrations.


You will also receive real-time reports on user activity to help you monitor their behaviour.


WE WILL HELP YOU to market your projects with full support, because we want you to succeed!


What does it cost?

TaintedGuavaMEDIA does not charge a fee to host content on our systems, we only charge a fee for each transaction for bookings, pay-to-view or product sales.

Tutoring and 1-on-1 bookings9%
Courses and other pay-to-view content18%
Classes and other event bookings9%
Articles, blogs and other free-to-view content0%
All transaction fees are included. No monthly subscriptions or sign-ups.

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