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Turning Your Skills into an Income

All you need to know about joining TaintedGuavaMEDIA as a contributor.

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No matter what you are creating, selling or promoting, you can add just about any sort of media to help you unleash your creativity.



Have a YouTube Channel?

Link it directly into your project to promote your videos, or add videos to promote your work or content.


Prefer audio?

Link your audio files to be played in your projects. Great for musicians to promote their work, or for tutors to provide audio-book format lectures.

You can also include voice-over files to turn your projects into audio books.

We support Spotify, Sound Cloud, Mix Cloud and standard formats.


Download files

Add files, pdfs, e-book or e-pub file for your clients to download for a fee or for free.

Your users can click to download your files and we provide you with download reports.


With over 75 types of media and interactive elements, you can do what ever you want!


TaintedGuavaMEDIA understands how important Social Media is for marketing and promotions. This is why we have made it so much easier for your to create, share and promote! You can link all your Social Media feeds, streams and groups to help you get more coverage and exposure.

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