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Marketing Your Services

How do you get sales, users or readers?

Marketing of your content can be done through social media channels, email marketing campaigns or word-of-mouth.

Once you publish your content, you can create tracking links from your control panel to track “hits”, how users found your page, and monitor the popularity of your page activity.

We usually recommend using digital marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, etc to market your content.

You can advertise your projects through paid or unpaid marketing channels, however, if you require assistance, TaintedGuavaMEDIA is willing to assist you where you can.

If you decide to pay for marketing, we can assist you on how to budget and create your campaigns. Marketing through social media is usually around $5 -$200 per campaign depending on your target demographics or metrics.

You do NOT pay your marketing costs to us. You pay that money over to the guys at Facebook etc. We can just show you how to budget it out if you need help.

If you are “investable” we will supplement campaigns with additional campaigns as well as create web-applications to help you promote your services.

Our job is to make you successful because we get to take a percentage of your revenue, fair?