About TaintedGuavaMEDIA

Our team of developers, writers and marketing experts created TaintedGuavaMEDIA as a one-stop solution for all online and e-commerce needs.

Whether it be for teaching, tutoring, selling courses, products or publishing content online, TGM has all the tools and resources you need.

How we can help you

Building your Online Business

We provide support and services for online businesses and e-commerce platforms.

  • Planning, solving and implementing your online business or website.
  • Providing marketing and digital strategies and support.
  • Solving your needs to become successful online.
  • Market research and development plans.
  • Web-application and customised plug-in development.

Becoming an e-Preneur

We promote online consulting, tutoring and teaching as part of mission to give access to anyone who wants to train online.

TaintedGuavaMEDIA hosts an array of courses, tutoring, webinars and training services through our platform.

  • Create and host your courses and training programs on TaintedGuavaMEDIA.
  • Become an online tutor, coach or teacher using our tools.
  • Host events, webinars and seminars through our management applications.

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