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What is TaintedGuavaMEDIA

Our platform enables authors, writers, tutors, coaches, mentors and companies to post content to either share information, provide training or host events.

TaintedGuavaMEDIA hosts both private and public training programs for companies and individuals to post guides, advice blogs, coaching, mentoring, tuition media and publications, worldwide.

Knowledge, communication and confidence.

The keys to a whole new world.

About TaintedGuavaMEDIA

TaintedGuava MEDIA is dedicated to knowledge, communication, expert advice, educational material and all things media, which is probably why we added the MEDIA to our name.

Here, we are human, who have human things to teach to other humans!

All our contributors are experts or experienced in their fields who have something to share and teach.

All our authors, writers, facilitators and coaches are carefully selected to ensure that they can provide solid training, coaching, tutoring or reading content.

We proudly boast a range of engineers, coders, writers, authors, marketers, attorneys, crafters, artisans and experienced humans that provide exceptional tutoring, blogs and advice projects to their clients.

Why Users Trust TaintedGuavaMEDIA


TaintedGuavaMEDIA is not another “U-DemY” where we allow contributors to churn out courses just to make a quick buck, or to give users something to do on their lonely Sunday afternoon.


Readers and users find courses and publications through the author’s social media platforms or marketing channels. Because we only pick the best teachers, tutors or contributors, there is nothing to compare!

About Our Writers, Authors And Tutors

We allocate a great deal of time and resources to ensure that all our contributors, teachers, tutors or mentors have the correct qualification and expertise before they join TaintedGuavaMEDIA.

Our Security and Safety Policies


Payments for certain projects, events, tutoring courses or training guides are handled through reputable payment systems such as PayPal, Stripe or PayFast.

We do not store any credit card details or your banking details!

All disputes, queries, refund requests or complaints can be sent to support@taintedguavamedia.com.


We use 256-bit AES data encryption with all questions, data entries that may be requested in certain pages.

TaintdGuavaMEDIA respects the privacy and security of all our users and contributors, and maintain a strict protocol.

To find out more on our Data Protection Policies, please read this page.

A Quick History Guide

TaintedGuava MEDIA is dedicated to knowledge, communication, expert advice, educational material and all things media, which is probably why we added the MEDIA to our name.

TaintedGuavaMEDIA first started as TaintedGuava Online which was an open blogging Magazine.

What was different from all other blogs, advice columns and information, is that we had real people writing about real life, without the fluffy and nauseating cuteness.

It boasted a resounding 57k readers and over 90k visitors a month. We were that good because we had great material.

However, with the lack of revenue generated for hard-working bloggers and contributors (we did not sell out to cheap and nasty advertisers), we re-assessed our concept to take knowledgeable people, and allow them to “sell” their intelligence and expertise in the form of tutoring, coaching or courses.

We realised that there is a huge demand for good advice, sound content, proper training, tutoring and mentorship. So, we figured, hey, why limit what can be created on TGM.

We took our coding, marketing and conceptualisation skills from some of the hottest people in the industry to re-do our model. 

As we did not want to become overzealous and create generic-course-after-generic-course nor promise “great life-coaching advice”, we decided to keep it real, with real people.